QTSA Training Series – “How to Manage New Generation” Workshop

As more and more young people joining the Retail, Catering and Service Industries, how to manage new generation of staff has become a crucial topic for every frontline supervisor nowadays. If frontline supervisors can adopt appropriate communication approach to manage the new generation through understanding their background, characteristics and values, it will not only enhance the management efficiency, but also motivates the young people to give full play to their strengths so that they can play pivotal roles in the service team. 

The QTSA organised the QTSA Training Series – "How to Manage New Generation" Workshop on 17 February 2022. Mr. Ricky Ng, Executive Director of Tiptop Consultants Limited was the speaker. In view of the epidemic situation, the workshop was held via Zoom only. 

QTSA Training Series – Self & Service Team Motivation Workshop
Faced with the pandemic and market challenges, how to lead the service team to maintain a positive mindset and provide customers with a quality shopping and dining experience is one of the keys to success. As the frontline supervisors, in addition to keeping a positive attitude while leading the service teams, they need to explore the potential, and motivate and uphold the passion of their team members through adopting different ideas and perspectives, so as to enhance the team synergy and work towards the company vision and goals more effectively. 

The QTSA organised the QTSA Training Series – Self & Service Team Motivation Workshop on 18 January 2022. Mr. Patrick Ng, Consultant of Tiptop Consultants Limited was the speaker. In view of the epidemic situation, the workshop was held via Zoom only.

QTSA Training Series – Service Goal Setting and Team Briefing Workshop
Every company has its own set of goals. How to set team service goals and execute them effectively is often an essential element in driving the competitiveness of retail and catering industries. As a leader, besides leading the team to set service goals, is also responsible for managing and monitoring the progress. It is imperative to effectively communicate the targets, to motivate the team members to work together towards these common goals and to review the results in a timely manner, so that team members can learn from experience and ultimately can achieve the service goals. 

The QTSA organised the QTSA Training Series -  Service Goal Setting and Team Briefing Workshop on 26 November 2021. Ms. Elena Tsang, Consultant of Tiptop Consultants Limited was the speaker.

QTSA Training Series - Serving Without Boundaries Workshop

In the current situation, the pace of change in service industries is ever accelerating, and the requirements for outstanding customer service are constantly increasing.  We need to create an extraordinary service experience to customers so that we can stand out among the competitors.  Only the fulfillment of company's service standards is inadequate.  We need to equip our managers with versatility mindset on providing customer service in use of value-added service. This course will introduce how supervisors can lead front-line staff to go for an extra mile, allowing them to provide services from the perspective of customers, and bring customers a better service experience.

The QTSA organised the  QTSA Training Series - Serving Without Boundaries Workshop on 31 August 2021. Mr. Ricky Ng, Executive Director of Tiptop Consultants Limited was the speaker.

QTSA Training Series - "Tactics for Service Team Leader” Workshop

As an important part of the supervisor's work, it is not an easy task to lead the team to achieve quality service and the company's business goals. How to build a high-performance team by understanding the unique strengths and traits that each member brings to the team. Leaders can better utilize team members' potential so that the team realizes its potential to be greater than the sum of its individual members (1+1>=2), winning more business through creating deeper bonds.

QTSA organised the QTSA Training Series - The Tactics for Service Team Leader Workshop on 30 July 2021. Speakers was Mr. Clement Chan, Consultant of Tiptop Consultants Limited.

QTSA Training Series - “How to Build a Quality Service Team Though Constructive Feedback” Workshop

The desire to spend will increase once the epidemic is under control and the electronic consumer vouchers are launched. Supervisors and management not only need to equip frontline employees,  they also need to understand employees' strengths and weaknesses, give constructive feedback to assist colleagues in identifying areas for improving quality service and thus establish good working relationships and improve work efficiency.

The QTSA therefore organised a "How to Build a Quality Service Team Through Constructive Feedback" workshop at Tiptop Training Studio on 28 June 2021, which also live broadcast on Zoom.

Trainer shared lots of examples to make it easier to understand the skills involved in providing constructive feedback. Participants said that this workshop helps them achieve their goals.

Mini-MBA for Executives

With the aim of providing an effective platform for management and senior executives to gain a thorough understanding of high quality service management, the QTSA organised a tailor-made 3-day "Mini-MBA" workshop, which covered management models and theories for the real business world. Through case studies and experience sharing, the participants could master how to evaluate the overall performances of their businesses. Upon completion of the Mini-MBA, graduates may top up to other academic programmes.

The Mini-MBA workshop started in November 2012 already. All participants showed extreme devotion and enthusiasm. Some were very well prepared and happy to sharing their knowledge. Everyone highly praised the well-designed programme by seasoned professional training consultant Dr. Jackia Lee, and it was a rare and much treasured opportunity for high-flyers from different spheres of the industry to come and learn together.

The Quality Host Workshop

The Quality Host Workshop is a training initiative by QTSA with the aim of encouraging frontline staff to foster a proper service attitude as well as broaden their understanding of visitors characteristics.

In this one-day workshop, participants are able to get involved in a series of tailored interactive games, role-plays, discussions, etc. to inspire them with the enthusiasm for pursuing quality. This workshop also provides a refreshing opportunity for participants to meet someone from the same industry, to exchange practices and experiences. Through the sharing of achievements, they are able to build more confidence in work and become more motivated through each other’s support and encouragement.

"Wine in Chinese Catering" & "Wine in Asian Cuisine" Workshop


  • Quality Tourism Services Association 
  • Association for Hong Kong Catering Service Management

Supported by:

  • Tourism Commission - Hong Kong Tourism Board

Supporting Partners:

  • Chinese Cuisine Training Institute 
  • Hong Kong Sommelier Association 
  • Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants and Related Trade 
  • Association of Restaurant Managers 
  • Chinese Cuisine Management Association

With the aim of assisting our catering member to grasp business opportunity from wine selling, following our earlier "Knowledge and Trend of Wine Selling for Restaurants" seminar, the Quality Tourism Services Association and Association for Hong Kong Catering Service Management organized 9 "Wine in Chinese Catering" Workshop and 1 "Wine in Asian Cuisine Workshop" in October 2008 to July 2009. These were presented by Mr Nelson Chow and Mr Peter Kwong of Hong Kong Sommelier Association. The 2-session workshop (3 hours per session) provided several dishes of Chinese / Asian cuisine and several types of wine for participants to taste and practice food and wine matching. After completion of the 2-session workshop, participant can obtain a Certificate of Attendance.

"Pursuit of Service Excellence" - Customer Service in Catering Industry Workshop

Delivering customer-focused service is a crucial strategy for winning in the marketplace. In recognition of this, the Quality Tourism Services Association (QTSA) conducted a "Pursuit of Service Excellence" - Customer Service in Catering Industry Workshop, in partnership with The Association for Hong Kong Catering Services Management Ltd (HKCSM), in order to enhance frontline staff's knowledge and skills to enable them to offer exemplary service delivery.

The workshop began with Mr Danny Chung, Member of the HKCSM and an experienced executive in the hotel and catering industry, presenting the relationship between quality service and hardware. This was followed by a presentation by Mr Kelvin Ho, Vice-Chairman of the HKCSM and Chinese Restaurant Sales Manager, with over 30 years proven experience in the catering industry. Mr Ho emphasised the importance of quality service by introducing the five attributes necessary to achieve quality service: passion, interaction, communication, unification and introspection. He further discussed how quality service benefited the practitioners, employers and customers. Through lively discussion and case studies, participants were able to grasp the practical skills and techniques needed for the delivery of quality service.